Issue 35 / May 2020

Is it time to have a new strategy for strategy consulting? / Fiona Czerniawska
Profiting from integrity: a CEO’s experience / Alan Barlow
Mapping an agile future / Pierre Hadaya and Bernard Gagnon
Planning for future success / Steve Tighe
On the horizon / Gill Ringland
Strengthening strategic capabilities / David M Booth

Issue 34 / November 2018

Incorporating ‘Futures’ Foresight into the Process of Strategic Planning / Geoff Woodling & Wyn Jones
The Future of Research and Scenario Planning at BMJ / Anca Babor
Strategy and Intelligence – a Loveless Marriage / Benjamin Gilad
Strategic Agility / Chris Paton
Strategy for the Strategists / David M Booth
The Rise and Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Planning, Help, Hindrance or Extermination? / Vincent Rousselet & David Smith
Working with Emergent Strategy / Patrick Hoverstadt & Lucy Loh
Business Transformation 2.0 – Outcomes that Endure / Sean Chamberlin

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Issue 33 / June 2015

The strategy masquerade / Sean Lusk
Governing ‘total innovation’ / Jean-Philippe Deschamps
Orchestrating success / Jo Whitehead and Andrew Campbell
Bridging the gap / Chris Hafner
Introducing the ‘entirepreneur’ / Bill Bolton and John Thompson
Line of sight / Javid Khan

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Issue 32 / June 2014

Uncertainty management: the missing link / Jack Springman & Ken Whitton
A risky approach to strategy / Andrew Smart
Accelerating technology advancement / Kevin G. Coleman
Scenario planning: elephants and dragons / Gill Ringland
East meets West / Vincent Rousselet
Four steps to strategy implementation / Jonathan Law

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Issue 31 / January 2014

Sustainable innovation strategy / Christophe Sempels and Jonas Hoffmann
Integrating sustainability / Alison Rowe
Strategy and organisational evolution / Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
Strategy, value and risk / Jamie Rogers
Small steps towards smart strategy / Jeroen De Flander

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Issue 30 / July 2013

Lessons in strategic transformation / Manuel Hensmans, Gerry Johnson and George S. Yip
Think big, think deep / Philip Whiteley and Neela Bettridge
Customer-centric survival / Lior Arussy
Playing to win / A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin

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Issue 29 / December 2012

How to stay in pole position / How to stay in pole position
Board must not play a cameo role / Jennifer Sundberg
The new rules of adaptation to the ‘emerged’ markets / Peter Williamson
Strategy as a way of life / Paul Harris

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